Multi League Rules.

Code of Conduct


1.1- Everyone will race with Respect. If you can’t be respectful you will be removed. Race every one like they are your best friend.


1.2- In an effort to make the series an enjoyable place for everyone we ask that you refrain from cussing. You will receive a warning the first time, the second time you may be ejected from the race.


1.3- Must have microphone. Race control information will be given thru the iRacing service. If you choose to be on the leagues TeamSpeak that is ok also. If you choose to use our other Teamspeak you cannot record or broadcast our audio in any format while on our Teamspeak. Abusing this will result in banishment from Teamspeak. Any One Streaming can not use audio of league members.  Any streaming by a member that has derogatory comments against the league or members will be removed from the league.  No Exceptions.


General Race Options/Rules

2.1- Leader has lane choice on starts and restarts. On starts announce your lane choice while on grid and on restarts announce your lane choice before the one to go, or you are defaulted to bottom.


2.2- Leader controls all starts and restarts. Leader can not go until pace car is entirely behind the wall. Cup series will be using the Geico restart zones which will be announced during the drivers meetings. No swerving to heat tires in the Geico restart zone.


2.3- Low line and blocking allowed at any time.


2.4- When pacing get 1 car or truck lengths to the vehicle in front of you. Do not lay back and get a run. If you are catching up to field and the green comes out DO NOT try to gain an advantage by blowing by the field. Just tuck up behind the car at as close to the speed that the car you are supposed to be behind. All driver please help police the starts as needed. If the race is controlled by a Admin and you are asked by an Admin to tighten up consider that a warning if you are not within 1 car length to the car in front the next time you will be given a drive thru. If you are 2 cars back the yellow will be thrown for a restart and you will be given a black flag with a 40 second hold.  This does not count for front row outside car in Geico restart zone  it will be at the Admins discretion.

No Break Checking – Penalty Automatic DQ

Not Maintaining Pace Speed – Slow down or check up the field before start/finish line and a driver calls you on it

Penalty: Yellow flag will be thrown you will receive a DQ.

Changing Lanes Before S/F Line – Changing lanes before start/finish line and a driver calls you on it

Penalty: Serve a drive thru penalty under green, within 3 laps of being brought to your attention or a black flag at beginning of next race.


2.5- When pitting, stay to the right hand side until you reach 2 stalls before your stall. Do not drive thru more than 3 stalls coming out including your stall. On exit get to the right hand side when safe to do so. Road Racing it could be right or Left depending on the track. No Passing On Pit Road On Entering Pits.  To clarify you Can Pass Up To The Yellow Cones Entering Pit Road Once You Cross The Yellow Cones Into Pit Road You Have To Stay Behind The Car in Front of you. Exiting Your Pit Box You Can Race Off Pit Road.

2.5 A- If you go thru more than 3 pit stalls up to 5 it’s 5 Point Penalty 6 to 8 it’s a 10 point penalty and a drive thru.  More than 8 pit stalls the first time it’s a 40 second  black flag hold twice in one race you will be Removed and DQ no pints   You have option to serve a drive thru penalty under green, within 3 laps, and let the admins know.


2.5 B – When pitting in traffic you must call out your pitting if you have any cars with in 2 Seconds of you failure to do so will result in a Drive Thru penalty.  Hitting a driver that has called out he is pitting and causing a Incident or wreck will result in a black flag 40 second stop or a DQ and removal from the server at the discretion of the Admin.


2.6- All the series enter the track where iRacing dictates. Meaning you can’t enter track until after the blue line. If the track does not have a blue line you must enter the track on the backstretch. If you enter the track before the backstretch under green flag conditions you must serve the penalty under a green flag by doing a drive through. If you enter the track before the backstretch under yellow flag conditions unless the Admins call it in the drivers meeting there is no penalty.


2.6 B –  You can not pass below the yellow line unless forced there by the car on the outside of you.  If you do pass below the yellow line you have to give the positions back before the start finish line. This rule will be enforced with no exception. Especially @ Dega And Daytona.

2.7- The wave around and Lucky Dogs will dictated by iRacing. We ask that everyone pay attention and know your surroundings while under caution. Any action that may cause another competitor to receive a black flag or receive damage, may be penalized.

2.8-If you lose connection, laps will not be awarded back.


2.9- Wrecks- Wrecking that gets out of hand – You will be ejected from the race and possibly the league.

Dive Bombing Corner

  • Causing an incident by not holding your line, or failure to yield
  • Being inside and not having your car at least to door of other car going in to corner
  • Inside and causing a wreck, or failure to yield
  • Road Racing – first car into corner has right of way

Failure to Hold Line

  • Changing line causing incident
  • Changing line causing wreck

Penalty: The above are all considered poor race craft. Possible penalties are EOL, DQ, Probation or expulsion from the league if they keep happening. This will be at the discretion of the Admins.

Intentional Wrecking, Retaliation or deliberately bring out a caution by any means. This does not include bumping some one – There is a difference between spinning and wrecking some one intentionally and giving some one a tap on there rear bumper that does none of the above other wise we would have people calling out this rule when bump drafting goes bad. This is all at the discretion of the Admins this is the respect we ask for. No intentionally bringing out yellow and or trying to bring out yellow.
This includes wrecking some one after a race. After the race is complete either drive back to your pit box or eject from the sim with out running into any one. This helps with bonus points as well.


  • 1st Offense – 1 Race Suspension
  • 2nd Offense – Expulsion from league.


2.10-If warping you may be asked to drop to back. Failure to do so will result in ejection!


2.11- During the race we ask that there is race chat only. We do not need commentary or care to know your weekend plans. Less talking will provide better racing. This includes discussing an on track incident. There will be NO CALLING OUT of another driver. Talk to each other after the race is over. If chat continues you may get muted or ejected at admins discretion.

2.12- No intentional wrecking or blowing the engine by down shifting at any time including coming to or after the checkers. Your race may be over but for others the race is still going on at a different part of the track. If a yellow were to fly they may not be able to finish their race as you were theirs. This is part of the respect we ask for. No intentionally bringing out yellow and or trying to bring out yellow. No aggressive driving Examples: (repeated banging doors, running racers up into the wall) if you are a recipient or see this happening you can tell admin by that night by pm message in iRacing server, Facebook messenger or TeamSpeak etc.

1st offense. 1 week suspension or expulsion from league in all series that are running.

2nd offense. Expulsion from league.

2.13- No black flags will be cleared under any circumstance. Game glitches will happen, but to promote unbiased and less complicated decisions for admins, no blacks will be cleared.


2.14- No cussing, calling out other drivers, or anything disrespectful verbal or chat will not be tolerated. No discussing an on track incident during the race. YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE SERVER.  Talk to each other when the race is over or To a Admin.


2.15- If an incident comes up during the race that is not covered in the rule book, the admins reserve the right to discuss with each other and make a call to the fairest possible decision.


2.16- Any behavior that is determined to be detrimental to Multi League will be dealt with according to the admin panel. This may be handled through fines, suspensions or banishment from the league.


2.17- All racers need to save there replays after each race because it may be needed in order to provide information to an admin that may have made a call against you.



3.1- You must race under your iRacing account. Nobody is allowed to race your car under your name breaking this rule may be handled through fines, suspensions or banishment from the league. Admins may have a roll call before race.


3.2- In the event of iRacing being down for service, we will set up a new server that night no later than 20 minutes of original advertised time. Ex: Truck server scheduled for an 8:40 Race start we would not start the race any later than 9 PM est. The server would have to be set up by 8:50 to allow 5 minutes to get in/practice and 5 minutes of qualifying. If we cannot get the server going by then we will post pone the race to an off week. Also all members that are on our Teamspeak must be able to get into the race server. This league is for everyone and we will not race if someone cannot get into the server due to iRacing services causing issues such as maintenance. In the event that the session is delayed and there is limited practice time a competition caution may be thrown once to give a chance to adjust your vehicle. (open-set leagues only)


3.3 – Leader or 1st Car – Announce pace car position as soon as you pick up the pace car on a yellow

Announce Pace Car Position – In Turn 3 on every lap while on caution. This helps the guys in the pits.


3.4 – Tri-Ovals S/F Line – Admin to Clarify at all tracks

Qualifying Only – Allowed to go below the (White or Yellow) line at S/F line

Racing – Always stay above the (White or Yellow) line at S/F line.


3.7 Lapped Cars If the race has 10 laps to go all lead lap cars have the right of way. do not race with the leaders let them by. If your are a lap down fighting for position with another lapped car that is different continue on. This rule is for lapped down or multi lapped down cars racing with lead lap cars and affecting the outcome of the race.  If you are a lapped car running with the leaders @ a Superspeedway back out of the pack do not effect the outcome of the race  if you have a team mate in the lead pack and you are a lapped car if you do not back way out you will both be disqualified  No Exception  Do Not Effect the Outcome of a race.
As a courtesy let them by it could be the other way around the next time.

3.7 B – Lapped Cars in a road race will be handled by iRacing with the Blue and yellow flag let the lead lap cars thru as soon as you safely can do not fight them. Communicate with the other driver if possible on the pass.  Example pass left or Right –  Will Stay left next Corner.


3.8 We Do Not Clear Black Flags For Any reason. If You Receive A Black Flag or Some Other Crazy iRacing Penalty Serve Your Penalty And Continue Racing.  See Rule 2.13  


3.9    NO WALL RIDING  –  At Any track Especially Martinsville – You will be receive a DQ and no points

Multi League reserves the right to remove anyone from the league or the hosted session who cannot follow these simple rules and help us all have fun.