Kent Connolly Thursday Night Truck Series

  • Gates Open For Practice @ 8 PM EST
  • Qualifying 8:30
  • Race 8:35
  • Admin Kent Connolly
  • Must participate in 7 regular season races and be with in 125 points of the leader to be eligible for the playoffs

 Tuesday Night Xfinity Series.

  • Gates Open For Practice @ 8:00 PM EST
  • Qualifying: 8:30
  • Race: 8:35
  • Admin Jimmy Todd

Multi League Wednesday Night GT Masters Series.

  • Gates Open For Practice 7:40 PM EST
  • Qualifying: 8:30
  • Race: 8:40
  • Admin Ken Huber

30-minute race Fixed Setup (Baseline)
Practice starts at 7:40est
Qualifying start at 8:30est
Race starts at 8:40est
Fuel set at 40% (1 stop may be required depending on and track and class for the week)
1 Fast Repair – 17 Incident Points DQ
Rolling Double File Starts
Weather: Random
2 drop week allowed
Bonus points;
• Race winner 1
• Zero incident points 1
• Most positions gained 3
• Finishing the race 1
• Every 4 incident points -1


• Be respectful and give each other room especially on the start. Cold tires will be slick and take a couple of laps to come up so be mindful of that. Let the field get sorted out the start and then focus on racing.

• Be respectful on pit lane, stay to the outside
while on pit lane and use no more than 3 boxes going in and 3 going out.

• You have 1 fast repair if you need it.
If you have an issue during the race, get it fixed and get back out there. Chances are that you will not be the only one and you can make points back up. 17 incident points will get you DQ’d.

• Road racing is more about racing the track than
your opponents. Patience and pressure are better tactics than forcing a move perhaps destroying a race for both drivers and maybe more.



• Overtaking…especially lap cars.
With faster cars approaching, slower cars need to continue to run their race. The faster car is observing while approaching, trying to figure out a safe place to get by. It’s the faster cars responsibility to get by cleanly. They are planning on you to be predictable. Making a sudden move to let them by may make the situation worse.

• No calling out other drivers, we all make mistakes. Review the incident after the race if need be, we can talk about it to help make us all better drivers.

• We do not clear black flags, if you get a penalty,serve it and get back out and make up as many spots as you can.

• Leader controls the starts, no brake or throttlechecking, maintain pace speed until the leader goes or green flag drops.

• No high beam flashing drivers with the intent todistract. These are helpful in Multi-Class to
let the driver in front know a faster class car i sapproaching. No reason for that here and it’s

• Watch rejoining after going off the track or
leaving the pits, don’t pull back on to the track directly in front of someone. Use your relative.

Multi League / Stone River Outfitters Monday Night Cup Series.

  • Gates Open For Practice 8 PM EST
  • Qualifying 8:30
  • Race 8:35
  • Admin Kim Quick

Multi League Friday Night Thunder Series. Tour Mods And ARCA.

  • Gates open For Practice 8:45 PM EST
  • Qualifying 9:15
  • Race 9:20
  • Drivers Meeting During Grid.
  • Fuel 100%
  • Weather Default and 74 Degree’s
  • 1 Fast Repair – 19 Incidents DQ
  • Standard Multi League Rules. 
  • Admin  Joe Marks

Multi League Sunday Night Retro Cup Series Series

  • Gates Open For Practice @ 8:00 PM EST
  • Qualifying 8:30
  • Race 8:35
  • Admin Kim Quick