Kent Connolly Trophy Cup Series Starts 1/26/2023

Monday Night In Leagues
Practice: Opens at 7:50 PM For Charter Holders 8:00 PM Members
Any one with out a charter entering before 8:00 PM Will be removed from the server
Drivers Meeting During Grid
Qualifying: 8:30 PM – 5 minutes
Race Start: 8:30 PM
Fuel: Restricted 70%
Weather: Dynamic
1 Fast Repair – 17 Incident Points DQ – 12 Incident Drive Thru
3 Sets of Tires

Multi League Kent Connolly Trophy Cup Series.

The series will be governed by the Multi League rules except for changes listed below.
The rules can be found here Https://

Series starts 1/26/2023 @ 7:50 PM EST in Leagues
First race is on Thursday then the Series moves to its new time slot on
Monday night for the rest of the season on 1/30/2023

– 2 trophies up for grabs to the top 2 finishers at end of season
and a $20 iracing gift card for the 3rd place finisher.

We will run the complete Nascar Truck Cup schedule 23 races.

The Nascar Truck Series Kyle Busch rule will be in effect for this series
Meaning select drivers will not be eligable for the playoffs and will
only be allowed to run 4 races in the regular season Daytona, Darlington, Martinsville and Mid-Ohio – none during the playoffs.
There are only a select few of our top drivers that are on this list. I have reached
out to several of them so far and any one that I havent I will notify if they decide to run
this series. Any driver that is on this list you may not in any way help
teammates in this series or you will be removed from the league

There will be 3 drop weeks in the Regular season leading up to the playoffs.
No drop weeks during playoffs

Must compete in 13 regular season points paying races up to playoffs and be
within 140 points of the leader to be eligible for playoffs
Any driver not meeting the minimum race limit of 13 will not be eligible for a playoff berth.

Any driver competing in 21 regular season races this season will receive a CHARTER for next season guaranteeing
a starting spot in all races next season

Playoffs will be determind just like Nascar – Except we start with 10 drivers that compete for the championship
in the final seven races of the Truck Series.
The first six races are divided into three rounds, with two participants being eliminated from the first round and four from the second round.)
A win does not automatically advances you to the next round – It’s strictly on points.

Because we will not have Stage points all bonus points will follow playoff drivers from regular season thru the first playoff round.
So bonus points could be a big factor in the playoffs.

Bonus points will carry over thru the first round of the playoffs 10 driver. When we get to the secound round of 8 no
bonus points will carry over – Each driver will be reset to 4000 points – Bonus points can be accumulated in those 3 races
but will not carry over to final 4.

When field is set to final 4 – drivers will be reset to 5000 This is just to clarify who the final 4 are.
The highest finishing position of the final 4 @ Phoenix will be crowned champion. (Will have nothing to do with points)

1 bonus Points for no incidents must complete 90% of race.
1 bonus point for a pole.
1 bonus point for a win.
1 Bonus points for finishing 90 % of the race
Minus -1 point for every 3 incidents

All tracks will be 17 incident Limited 12 Incident Drive Thru Except those listed below.
Bristol Ashpalt, Martinsville 19 Incident limit 14 Drive thru
Bristol Dirt 19 Incident limit No Drive Thru
All road Courses 19 incident limit no Drive thru
Daytona, Talladega 18 incidents DQ No Drive Thru

Start and park rule. Points are set on a percentage of laps complete.
Driver must complete 90% of race to receive all points
Finishing 20% of race will only get you 20% of your points.
So if you wreck and have damage wait out the repair and keep digging.

All races will have 2 green white checkers.

All cars in the series must run your assigned league #
If you show up with a paint with a painted on # different
from your Multi League # you will not be allowed to run.
Drivers check your paints this is on you.

In addition to the above rule no other league logo’s will be allowed except for Crankenstien, Fast Line,
and Revved Up. Which are the core of Multi league (There will be no exception to this rule)


Starts and restarts – We will not be using iRacings starts zones. All starts of race will be on green.
All restarts will be on the leader. At tracks with the Geico signs painted on the inside and out
of the track the leader has to have the nose in the box before he can go. tracks with out the geico signs
Then the pace car must be completly behind pit wall be for the leader can go.

Pit road all the way to the right as soon as possible entering pit road
5 point penalty for not being all the way to the right.
3 stalls in to your pit and three stalls out
(Thats the 2 before your pit and your pit box 3 total – Same leaving except the 2 after)
Penalty up to 5 boxs total – 5 points. Any thing more 10 points and a drive thru.
If you drive thru more than 5 and then leave the server I will access the drive thru at the next race.
No passing entering pit road once you pass the yellow cones – you can pass exiting pit road.

Top 10 trucks under pacing coming to the Green must be no more than a 1/2 truck length between.
Every truck behind that no more than 1 truck length speration. I will try once to warn you but because
there is a lot going on at the starts and restarts you may or may not get the warning – drivers its up to you to
have the correct space to the vehicle in front of you. The penalty will be a drive thru.

When pitting if you have another truck within 3 seconds behind you then you must call out your pitting
when you are half way down the back stretch. Call it out twice if you can and be on All Teams radio.
Failure to do so that does not cause a incident you will recieve a drive thru. If it causes a incident you
will be removed from the race and fined a 30 point penalty. If you call out your pitting and you get wrecked
then the driver of the Truck behind causing the crash will be removed from the race penalized 20 points and set
out the next race.

WE ARE MOVING TO MONDAY NIGHTS…… Only the first race will be on Thursday.

Kim Quick will be going up in the race Control booth and managing the races from there
were we can try to manage rule infractions on track and the pits in real time.
We will be monitoring pit road and restarts much closer this season.


Also new this season all cars a lap or more down when we get to 10 laps to the finish must
let lead lap cars thru unless you are battling for a position with another lapped car.

****** FOOT NOTE **********
Any trophies that would ship to Canada the driver would have to pay the difference on the shipping in USA.
Sorry guys but Canada UPS is brutal.