Multi League Fantasy Cup Series Starts 1/8/2024

Monday Night In Leagues
Practice: Opens at 8:00 PM EST 
Drivers Meeting During Grid
Qualifying: 8:30 PM – 5 minutes
Race Start: 8:30 PM
Fuel: Restricted 70%
Weather: Dynamic
One Fast Repair – 19 Incident Points DQ – 13 Incident Drive Thru ( Unless noted below)
3 Sets of Tires

Multi League Fantasy Cup Series.

The series will be governed by the Multi League rules except for changes listed below.
The rules can be found here Https://

This is a 12 week series with 2  drop weeks in the first eleven races. No drop week during Championship race. The points leader and any driver with in 40 points of him will make the championship final race.  Must compete in 7 regular season points paying races up to Championship race to be eligible to run in the championship race.

3 bonus Points for no incidents must complete 90% of race.
1 bonus point for a pole.
2 bonus point for a win.
1 Bonus point for leading a lap.
3 Bonus points for most positions gained Minus -2 point for every 4 incidents – 17 Incident limit races.

Show up with a Cup series paint from the 90’s or early 2000’s receive 5 bonus points. Only once.

The incident limits for DQ and drive thru will change at different tracks  Usually 19 for a DQ and 13 for a Drive thru  Check the Facebook post before each race they will be listed for any changes on different tracks there.

Start and park rule. Points are set on a percentage of laps complete.
Driver must complete 90% of race to receive all points
Finishing 20% of race will only get you 20% of your points.
So if you wreck and have damage wait out the repair and keep digging.

All races will have 2 green white checkers. Except Road Races.

In addition to the above rule no other league logo’s will be allowed.

All cars a lap or more down when we get to 5 laps to the finish must let lead lap cars thru unless you are battling for a position with another lapped car.

All cars in the series must run your assigned league #
If you show up with a paint with a painted on # different from your Multi League # you will not be allowed to run.
Drivers check your paints this is on you.

Starts and restarts – We will not be using iRacings starts zones. All starts of race will be on green.
All restarts will be on the leader. At tracks with the Geico signs painted on the inside and out of the track the leader has to have the nose in the box before he can go. tracks with out the geico signs
Then the pace car must be completly behind pit wall before the leader can go.
On tracks that it is allowed to go below the white line you have to wait 1 complete lap after the start or restart before drivers will be allowed below the white line.

Pit road all the way to the right as soon as possible entering pit road 5 point penalty for not being all the way to the right.
3 stalls in to your pit and three stalls out
(Thats the 2 before your pit and your pit box 3 total – Same leaving except the 2 after)

No passing entering pit road once you pass the yellow cones – you can pass exiting pit road.

Top 10 cars under pacing coming to the Green must be no more than a 1/2 car length between.

Every car behind that no more than 1 car length separation. 

When pitting if you have another car within 3 seconds behind you then you must call out your pitting when you are half way down the back stretch. Call it out twice if you can and be on All Teams radio.